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Year 6 Whakangahau - Tu kaha

Yesterday we held our Year 6 Whakangahau where we give each of our Year 6s a badge. For those that missed it or want to read through the meaning behind the assembly, here is the transcript complete with links to the videos used:

Tena Koutou

We would like to welcome you to our Year 6 Assembly where we acknowledge our Year 6s in their final year of primary school and present them with their badges.

Over the last two years we have presented our Year 6s with a badge that said “Year 6 Leader”. This year our badges have a different message on them from previous years. The message is just as important and recognises that everyone has the chance to make a “positive difference” in our school, our community, in New Zealand and the world.

This year our badges read “Tu kaha”.
Tu kaha means to stand tall like our kahikatea tree. Our Year 6 leaders represent the strength of the kahikatea tree. Kahikatea trees have interlocking roots that can be likened to the collaboration and support that leaders will give to one another.

For our Year 6s, “Tu kaha - Stand Tall” means to stand up and make a difference when it is needed. It means to stand up and take action when you see when something is needed. It also means to stand tall in your learning - to persist and not give up, to do the right thing, not the easy thing; it means to really want to learn and make progress; to take responsibility for your own learning.

Year 6s - we encourage you to Stand Tall in 2017, be a leader and make a difference to your own lives and the lives of the students and staff in our school.

Tu kaha means to stand tall and be a leader when it is needed - when you see a need for it. Being a leader does not necessarily mean that a person is in a position to tell others what to do.

Many of the most powerful or influential leaders in history simply “stood tall” themselves - they took action. But through their powerful individual choices they influenced millions or even entire generations of people around the world.

One of the most important skills you can develop is the ability to make decisions for yourself, being able to stand up to peer pressure and set a personal standard of behavior.

Badges are a way of recognising our Year 6 Graduands as they move forward into their last year at Frankley School before becoming Frankley Graduates. Our students look forward to getting them and we want them to really try to live by the message on them.

We asked our Year 6 students what they thought it meant to Stand Tall. Some of the things they said were:
  • To help people
  • To make good decisions
  • To act as a guide when it is needed
  • To lead in the right direction, not the wrong one
  • To step up and help
  • Encourage others
  • Don’t wait to get chosen, just take a chance
  • Caring and looking after others
  • To have a heart for others and act on this

We believe in our year 6 students. We encourage our students to constantly move forward, developing their leadership skills and learn how to Stand Tall, be a leader and take action when it is needed.

Our year 6’s have three and a half terms left at Frankley School and we want you to know who they are. We want our Year 6s to know who they are, to find a place where they can stand up and be counted. Year 6s - we encourage you to be brave, to be strong, to find your own place to stand tall and make a positive difference here at Frankley School and in the future. But just remember...the future starts today, so as you watch, think about what you can do to Stand Tall today.

It’s important our Year 6’s switch their learning attitudes on, use their cross-competency skills and work to
  • Make a Positive Difference
  • Be Effective Communicators
  • And Be Creative Learners

This is our vision for all our Frankley Students. As our Year 6 students move into their final few terms they will take those Key attitudes and Cross Competency skills and make a positive difference.

Listen to what our first group have to say about how we will remember them as they leave Frankley School.

Group 1 Videos
Presentation of badges

Year 6s - We encourage you to be the best you can be, to hold your heads up high, to be counted on when you are needed, to keep getting stronger.
Never quit - Believe in yourself, keep your head up high, reach up high, keep getting stronger in all that you do.

Here are our second group discussing how they want to be remembered as they leave Frankley School.

Group 2 Videos
Presentation of badges

We want our Year 6s to stand out from the crowd. We want them to stand tall when they are needed to be a leader. Standing tall is all about making a Positive Difference in the lives of others. When just one stands up, others often follow. Year 6s - we encourage you to stand tall and be counted when the moment calls for it. Be the one!

Here are our final group discussing how they want to be remembered as they leave Frankley School.
Group 3 Videos
Presentation of badges

Final thank you etcs.

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