Thursday, 15 December 2016

Our New Class Rian K and Cooper

Hi our names are Rian and Cooper.We are apart of the design team for hub 10.11. This is our design plan for our classroom in 2017/2018.If you like our spaces please comment.

Logan,Kaisei,Ethan's idea for next years class

This is our screencastify on spaces for 2017!

By Ellie, Carys & Aliya

Comment below on what you liked and what we could improve on!

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Grace and Jasmine's Plan for the spaces in Kahikatea 2017

What do you think?

Christmas is coming

Please go to this link if you wanna see a slide mates



Briana and Sarah's Room 12 screencastify

This is what Briana and I think room 12 should be like next year.

Ryan and Zak plan screencastify

Hi this is Ryan and Zaks plan for 2017 Classroom do up.We used Screencastify for this video.If you liked any of our ideas please comment below and if you think it has some spaces that you disagree about please comment below.

best thing this year

The teachers said we're going to topec I screeched “YAY.”  I said “what cabins are we in.” Mrs mca said “ We're not sleeping in cabins were sleeping in tents.” 2 weeks later “I can't wait to ride the bugs,” I said aye corbin.yeah bro corbin said. Finally it was my turn I hopped into the bug the instructor pushed me into the wave. I flip it straight away . well that didn't go how i planed. I got another go i rode the wave for like 4 whole seconds.   

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Best thing this year. Timo

The best thing about frankley school is epic. You sort out your own library and then it chooses the books that are in the category. You can also get badges by doing what it says like finish you first book. Epic has helped my reading skills and I have been reading more at school and home. There’s hundreds of books to read and I think epic is fantastic for me.


Welcome back (best thing this year) Grace o

Welcome back
Starting  schools is hard. The nervous feeling tickles down your spine. And butterflies are set free in your  tummy.  But what if you have already been to that school?

Hi, my name is Grace I started at Frankley school for 2 years then moved to Oakura for a term then went back to Frankley. Now since I have moved  my math reading and writing went up a level and my learning grows every day. Frankley has made me a better learner in many ways. In 10.11 you make so many decisions which will happen in the future. I feel ready to challenge myself every day.  
Moving schools is hard but sometimes it is your best day  of the year click here to satisfy your brain

best thing this year is... by xay

Google docs, sharing
Collaborative writing

Frankley school is full with computers and I like how they have computer because we collaborate with others with technology and computers. In evry class that have laptops decktops and iPad

I like google docs to because we can do sheared weighting with our friends and teachers.

I like my friends at Frankley school because where we play is fun and that are different people to play with.

by xay

Designing our spaces in Kahikatea ~ Ava and Amayah

Hi guys

We would like feedback on how we have designed our classroom for 2017. What do you like? What don't you like?

Best thing about Frankley school this year

Ethan L
Frankley school is an amazing school, it has great teachers, can identify kids talents and work on’s. We’re all friends here at frankley school, no one get’s left behind.

One of the best things at Frankley is collaborative learning, we get to choose what tasks we do in our learning, get to choose where we sit every time and classes join together e.g 10.11, 67, te kakano (rm 1 & 2).
Another great thing about Frankley is the teachers. They are extremely nice and try and help you the best they can.

I love that we get to control our learning because when everyone does the same thing, it’s easy for some people but hard for others. We can choose the right level of learning for us.
I never doubted it for a second

The Best Thing This Year: Ethan Di

The best day at school. was the fun day i was happy helping  the little kids the best day ever!!!!! Because i got one turn on all the equipment, just to show the little kids how to do it.  

I am so so so happy that i am going to a  new school because i want to see what you do at Devin. i am happy that i'm going to Devin because of swimming and the P.E

Monday, 12 December 2016

The Best Thing That Happenend To Me This Year /Cooper

“Rian guess what ?” I said.
“What.” He said
“ I’m on the bugs today .”
“Lucky.” Zak joined the conversation.

Some bacon and eggs later…..

“Group 3 please come to the hall.” the speakers muttered.
“That’s me.”
“Good luck bro.”

Some squeezing and pulling later…..

“Wohooo!!!” I screeched with excitement.
Bang!! Bop!! Splash !!
“DpppppAppppppppNppppppppG .” I said halfway under water.

The best thing about school this year. Fern

The best thing about school this year is…

That they have made the system in the class rooms exciting, like instead of having to be told when to finish a certain subject eg. Writing reading and maths. In 10.11 we can decide what we want to do and when we want to do it and for as long as we want.
We also have tracking books (a book with what we do in it) and they help me alot because normally you wouldn't have to write anything down because the teacher knows what the whole class has done but in 10.11 you would need to write it down because the teacher doesn't know what you are doing… I think that 10.11 is the best classroom I have ever been in.
Photo of Tracker
File_000 (1).jpeg

Link to frankley school blog.

The best thing about school this year

(1)The best thing about school this year was AWE. AWE is swimming and I like to swim. At AWE we leant freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke, at our last session our class swam 200 meters any stroke, I swam freestyle (that’s my favourite stroke).

(2)INTER SCHOOL was my second favorite day. Our school Rugby team made it to the semi finals but we lost, we should have because the other team was overweight, and you're supposed to play in bare feet but the other team played in shoes. Ryan.m                                                                                                                                                                            

My best day at school Aidan G

My best day was interschool because it was my first time playing interschool rugby. It was a home game the team that we played was St John Bosco they were a good team.

After the the game there was so much food in room 10, I was so full. But there was more food, then I went to get a drink, then for some reason I felt so hungry.   

BEST THING ABOUT 2016 ~ Te Aroha

The best thing about school was CAMP!
It was really fun! We did POPCORN in the bush and we swam in  a river! I have never swam in a river before! We also camped in TENTS if it was raining we could sleep in cabins! But if we were asleep and did not know I put a raincoat top on the top of our tent!

We play lots of games. I slept in the tent with my friends Ella A and Mia Z! It was COOL Mia.Z and Ella A brought CANDY!

Press this link to read more

Please post a positive comment and put a link to your blog and your name and class!

The Best Thing About School This Year. Luca

My best things I like about school:
is hanging out with my friends. Doing P.E art and writing.
And school is where I see my friends the most and I like playing sport with them. P.E is fun because my favourite game for P.E is dodge ball. I like it when you get the ball and throw it at people and then get them out.
I like Art because it's a fun creative activate and it's fun to do at school. Writing is cool because I like to entertain people and it's a way I can tell stories instead of telling people something I can write a story about it.

Those are the best things I like about school.

Best Thing About school: Mia T

Best Thing About school:
  1. What my favorite things about Frankley is  making our own choices
Because my old school we all had to do the same  thing, it was sooooooo boring . But Know at my new school  we can choose independently .

2) I love reading and writing and I get to do those things when I want to and if i don’t know anything about it  anything we run a workshop .workshops are very helpful. Like for math I had know idea what or how  to learn it but  a few workshops  it would fix everything.
2)On the 3rd of december 2016 we had a funday friday it was fun helping year sixes in the activities. my favourite  was the crokey.  I can't  wait  until the next funday friday and i will be a year 6.


Best thing this year ~` Harrison

My best thing about school this year is camp.
Climbing         Ropes           Water  Safety

Camp is real fun because you get to learn about the outdoors and how to be safe. You could learn about river safe bush safe and you got to go climbing all the activities were really fun. You also got to make your own dinner on one of the nights.Camp was at TOPEC.

The Best Thing This Year. Cannon

This year I loved it because hub 10.11 have been collaborating with each other. It’s fun because we can talk to the others in both hubs. I can sometimes work with my friends from Hub 10.

Technology has been helping me with my work. Google Docs has been helping me with my writing. It helps me with spelling as I can use spellcheck or voice typing.

P.E has been helping me stay fit, the P.E game have active and fun. I liked King Dodge Ball because it’s fun, I like catching people out and saving people. It’s helped my cricket throwing.

I'm looking forward for next year at Francis Douglas and meeting new people.     

best thing about frankley corbin.N

a link to the frankley school site
I like Frankley School because of the native bush the bush is cool because it surrounds the School there are lots of birds and there is a mountain bike track in it.

Another thing the Inter School rugby. I was the captain for Interschool we were so good we lost one game then we lost the semi sadly against inglewood. But I recommend for anyone that likes rugby to join the rugby team.

And the school work I reckon that Frankly's learning is good because you don't just learn in one class you can work in two classes and collaborate with other kids. And you can chose what you want to do.

The best day of school this year. Kayden

On the 2nd of December 2016 frankley had a fun day.
It was so cool, leading the little kids to succeed, teaching them how to play it was so fun.

We were doing mini putt. There was a year 1 that went up next and got the 9 point ring. “Whoa”. I screamed. I bet you that he went home and couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Click on the picture to get to the site.

Best thing that happened this year Aidan B

On the 2rd  of December 2016 at school, we had a fun day Friday.

The activity we started on was my favourite you had a ball a trampoline and a barrel.

You grab the ball had a run-up jump on the tramp and throw the ball in the barrel or you could try to slam dunk it.

It was fun!

Sarah's favourite part of this year.

My favourite part of this year has probably got to be camp I think that camp was my favourite part of the year because we got 3 days of doing hard tasks like rock climbing , going on ropes tree to tree using clamps to hook us onto the ropes, picking up rubbish  and swimming .

And it was good  that the teachers put us into tents so we might  not be with our friends . And it worked out pretty well in the tent was in was me , Fern and Jasmine . We were all pretty good Friends .

With going from floor to rope on the trees at the end it was getting harder and harder to clamp on the the next ropes but I got to the end of it.

When we were doing the rock climbing wall my aim was to get to the top but in my two turns I couldn’t get up but you might not get it write the first or the second time but there is always another chance.

And this one my favourite's swimming over at Topec they have a stream that we swam in it was so fun they taught us lots about what to do when you fall into a river of stream and it's going really fast how to get out of it and how to stay safe in a river.

And I can’t wait for next years camp.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

The Snail Trap semi final, heat 2

Hello to everyone

Today 10.11 Hubbers are finding out which snail trap attracts more snails to it.

WIT groups have worked together using the information they gleaned from their snail testing on a snail's senses to design a trap that attracts snails.

This video clip shows the snails movement with 4 traps. The trap that attracts the most snails will go through to the finals.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Our latest W.I.T. (Wildly Important Task). This is a Science W.I.T. aimed at developing scientific ideas from the 'living world' and how to go about investigating using fair testing.

Friday, 23 September 2016

Raising money for the Salvation Army Foodbank

Thanks to everyone who helped. A big thank you to our Mums and Tanya who helped with the cooking. 

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Coding Challenge

We recognised the ability to code is an important skill for students to be able to do for the future changing world. We have set up systems for self-learning with this.

Students can work through coding challenges at their own speed. We have not said that everyone has to do it because we have recognised that it is not for all. Coding develops mathematical, problem solving, collaborative, critical and creative thinking skills.

Once the basics are learnt we plan on getting our learners to create tools which help others learn e.g.

Coding an app to help learn basic facts Check out "Flappy Thing", Robyn's game:

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Grocery (Non perishable) items for the FoodBank Please , tomorrow. Thursday 15 September

Hi all
Just a reminder Ethan S would like you to bring something to contribute to the Food Bank tomorrow (Thursday). He will have a box waiting by his desk area in HUB 10.


Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Friday, 5 August 2016

The Learning Pit

Here are a couple of great posts about the Learning Pit. This week we have been doing some rich tasks in our Maths programme. Rich tasks are open-ended Maths tasks that have more than one answer and more than one way of getting the answer.

 Here's Kayden's: The Learning Pit Today I learnt about the learning pit. It's like starting on one side on a problem and then making it to the other side to succeed. E.g today I had this really hard maths problem and I fell into the pit then I climbed out to succeed and I finally got it.

And Amayah's: The pit and what I've Done In The Rich Tasks Today I was stuck in the pit (l'll tell you what a pit is soon). I got out of it . I was doing fractions and Ava helped me (my friend) she told me the answer and then I figured out why it was that answer and I did. I got the hang of it straight away and then I was helping Ava with a question like Ava helped me. She was wondering what was half of a half, I'll tell you. Example: so Ava was wondering what was half of a half. So you have one half and split it. Ava got lots of different answers, I won't tell you because I can't remember. If you split in half it will be 1 quarter. Right, now I will tell you what The pit is. So if you get stuck you will be in the pit and you've got to find a way to get out of it. You don't dig otherwise you will get deeper, you don't give up and you can ask for help. Keep trying you don't want to be in the pit forever do you? Don't think so. So work it out, don't stop.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

The Learning Pit

Yesterday we talked about when learning is feels like we are stuck in a pit. If you are stuck in a need to figure out a way to get out of it. When learning is hard and you are need to figure out a way to work through the hard part. What could you do? Check this out...

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

“Don’t Let it Happen, Make it Happen” 10.11's Current WIT (Wildly Important Task)

This is our current task our children are working on in groups. Our children develop and enhance their key attitudes and cross-competency skills within this real life learning.

“Don’t Let it Happen, Make it Happen”

We can all be leaders. Ordinary people can do amazing things. We believe that each and every one of us is born to make a Positive Difference in the world. What difference will you make?

The Task:
Your task is to create and run a community project that impacts positively on a group of people. To do this you will need to:
*Identify and Investigate needs in the community, school or nation
*Use the decision-making matrix to choose a need
*Contact an expert in the field of your chosen community project and/or within the group of people your project is designed. Get them to validate your project
*Consult with them after completing a SWOT analysis
*Make any changes
*Plan, implement and run your community project

Monday, 1 August 2016


Today our Year 5/6 Students participated in the AWE Swiming Programme. This programme is designed to allow our students to revisit water safety  and confidence. We revisited floating, jumping into deep water and treading water.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

AWE Swimming Safety and Confidence week

OUR MISSION:frankley vision 2014 v4 small.jpeg
Maintain a challenging learning to learn community that responds to the interests, needs and talents of our learners.

Positive difference, Creative learner , Effective communicator.

Tena koutou katoa

Next week (1-5 August) our Year 5 and 6 students will be involved in the AWE water programme (to give the children water safety skills that would help them in hazardous water conditions that they may encounter).

Some of the cost of this programme is funded by AWE. The remainder of the cost  for the students will come from the activity fee paid by students. We will travel to and back from the Aquatic Centre by bus.

The sessions will be on, Monday, Wednesday Thursday and  Friday. Trained instructors run these sessions. Children are in groups with instructions. information from us is shared with instructors. Teachers are there with the children moving around groups, encouraging and supporting.

Students will need togs and towel on these days. Please note on Friday the group that go over lunchtime will not be able to order pizza.

  • Room 09’s session will involve leaving school at 10.40 am and returning to school at approx. 12.10pm
  • 10.11, Session 1 will involve  leaving school at 11.55am and returning back to school at approximately 13.25pm
  • 10.11, Session 2 will involve leaving school at 13.10pm and returning back to school at approximately  14.40pm
There may be a need to swap some students from groups if their AWE time clashes with our Author Visit next week.

The cost for our students will be $11.00 each. If you haven't paid your activity fee please can you send this money to school. If you have not signed your generic permission for trips within the New Plymouth region there will be a form for you to fill in included with this notice. Please return this to school.
If you have any queries do not hesitate to contact your child’s teachers.

Kind regards

Merryl, Brendon and Kim

I give permission for    _____________________  to participate in the AWE swimming week travelling to and from the Aquatic Centre by bus.

I have enclosed $11.00 . ( If you have not paid the school activity fee.)

Signed __________________  Phone __________________ (Best contact number)

Any other information that you would like us to be aware of regarding this activity.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

NYLD 2016 Photos

Hi everyone

Here is the link to photos shared with shared with us.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

10.11 Parent Evening - The Way we Roll

Here is the presentation we gave at last night's parent evening. If you have any questions please feel free to email one of us.

Friday, 27 May 2016

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Never Give Up

Today we explored the Twitter Blog for Kidsedchatnz. It was all about persistence which is one of the Key Attitudes at Frankley School.

We watched these very powerful videos.

Please comment and share your thoughts after watching these videos. You might also want to comment or share your thoughts on the questions below.
The questions to comment on during the twitter session were:

1. Why is it important to never give up and to keep on trying?

2. "Failures open the doors to success!" Tell us about a time when you failed on something? 

3. Why do we give up? What can we do to avoid giving up in the future? Who can help us?

4. There's no such thing as an overnight success. What does this mean? Do you agree?

5. Tell us about a time when you had success? What did you do to achieve success?

6. Inner confidence and self-belief are the keys to success. Do you agree or disagree?

7. What is a challenge you have faced this year? Explain what happened.

8. We are responsible for our own success and learning. Do you agree or disagree?

9. "If you do what is easy, your life will be hard." What is this trying to tell us?

10. "Just decide who you are going to be, what you are going to do, how you are going to do it." What are you going to be and do?

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Student Led Conferences

Hi everyone

Kaisei sharing his learning with his Mum.

A HUGE thank you to those of you who made the time to come to your child's conference led by your child.

We were impressed with many of our students as they worked to explain and help you understand their learning in our Hub.

For some students, it was harder for them to articulate the learning goals they have and to explain their learning. We appreciate your careful questioning to support their thinking.

Student Led Conferences support your child in developing Learner Dispositions. We believe the more confidently they can articulate their learning and explain this to someone else indicates their engagement and understanding of what they are learning and why. It also puts he accountability on the learner and this is important as we strive to help our students be in charge of their learning with our support.

We invite you all to make another time with your child for another conference this term. It can be during the day and can be quite informal.

We also strongly encourage you to keep the Learning Conversations going at home with your child.
- ask about their goals or what they are working on at the moment in a particular area
- ask them to show you their spelling or the Maths they are doing. get them to explain and show you an example
- expect and encourage them to know their basic fact/knowledge goal, help/encourage them to work on this

Work with your child to make a "Positive Difference".

If you could not make these student-led conferences we encourage you to arrange a time and come in.

This is the document we had available before Student Led Conferences. We encourage you to read this and continue with some of these points at home.

Click on this book to increase size.

We also have shared this document to help encourage the Learning Conversations at home.

Click here to read

Thursday, 19 May 2016

You Matter!

This week we took part in an online Kidschat. This is where we communicate with other students around New Zealand via Twitter. The theme for this week's chat was "You Matter!" It flowed on nicely from Young Leaders Day that the Year 6s attended this week and part our school vision - Positive Difference.

Here are the questions we discussed and then shared our answers to. We would encourage you to discuss some of these with your child:

Questions for this week:

Q1. Why are you awesome? What is your Genius?

Q2. What would you like to change in the world around you?

Q3. How do you think that you could do this?

Remember “We cannot all do great things, but we can do small things with great love”
– Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Q4. What is the best thing that a Teacher has ever said to you?

Q5. Think of a time when you have achieved a goal. Tell us what this felt like.

Q6. Do you have some learning that you are really proud of? Take a picture and tweet it!

Q7. Name five people that you would put on a "Dream Team" to encourage and inspire you.

Q8. Why are these people amazing to you? Are they famous people, successful people, members of your family?

Q9. What makes you feel proud?

Q10. Think about how you could contribute to make the world a better place. Share your idea with us.