Friday, 29 April 2016

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Tuesday Morning Parent to monitor Road Patroller ..we need a parent to cover this morning. Please contact us urgently if you can help out from 8.25 until 9.00 each morning. Ideally we ould like one but if we get more we could creative a roster. This would spread the load.

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Monday, 4 April 2016

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The Writing Process

Today in class we discussed the Writing Process.

This is the process that writers use to create a text.

Check it out - it has been created especially for 10.11.

During writing time one of the adults in the room could ask one of these questions based around the Writing Process:
  • What is your purpose for this piece of writing?
  • Who is your audience for this piece of writing?
  • What goal are you working on with this piece of writing?
  • What is the main message you want to get across in this piece of writing?
Check out the process:

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Our Year 6 Assembly where our Year 6 Leaders were presented withLeadership Badges

Hi everyone below you will find the script used for Fridays assembly where we presented our Year 6 Students with a Leadership Badge. The links to the music are not there but I have embedded the videos we played to add to the messages shared.

Throughout the assembly, we had videos of the Year 6 students speaking about what they want people to say about them when they leave at the end of the year.

Click on this link to view the folder with the videos.

Inspirational music - Katy Perry - Firework
One Direction
Better when I'm dancing

Tena Koutou

We would  like to welcome you to our Year 6 Assembly where we will  present our year 6 students with their badges.

“Being a Leader” does not necessarily mean that a person is in a position to tell others what to do.

Many of the most powerful or influential leaders in history simply “led” themselves, but through their powerful individual choices, they influenced millions or even entire generations of people around the world.

One of the most important traits of a leader is the ability to make decisions for yourself, being able to stand up to peer pressure and set a personal standard of behavior.

Badges are a way of recognising our Year 6 Graduands as they move forward into their last three terms at Frankley School before becoming Frankley Graduates.

We asked our Year 6 students what they thought it meant to be a leader. Some of the things they said were:
  • Being a role model to other kids
  • Treating others how you want to be treated
  • Caring for others
  • A leader knows what they are doing
  • Really caring for others
  • Helping others when it is needed
  • Picking people up and helping them fix their problems
  • Having empathy for others

We believe in our year 6 students. We encourage our students to constantly move forward, developing their leadership skills.

Our year 6’s have just three terms left at Frankley School and we want you to know who they are. We want our Year 6s to know who they are, to find a place where they can stand up and be counted as a leader. Year 6s - we encourage you to be brave, to be strong, to find your own place to stand here at Frankley School.

Play music video Who Iam

It’s important our Year 6’s switch their learning attitudes on, use their cross-competency skills and work to
  • Make a positive Difference
  • Be Effective Communicators
  • And Be Creative Learners

This is our vision for all our Frankley Students. As our Year 6 students move into their final few terms they will take those Key attitudes and Cross Competency skills and make a positive difference.

Listen to what our first group have to say about how we will remember them as they leave Frankley School.

Group 1 Videos
Damian, Corbin N, Xay, Ethan Do, Ethan D, Ella S, Will, Timo, Rilee, Tia

Presentation of badges

Year 6s - We encourage you to be the best you can be, to hold your heads up high, to be counted on when you are needed, to keep getting stronger.
Never quit - Believe in yourself, keep your head up high, reach up high, keep getting stronger in all that you do.

Video - What I am

Here are our second group discussing how they want to be remembered as they leave Frankley School.

Group 2 Videos
Presentation of badges

Sophie W, Robyn, Rian, Nathan, Michaela, McKenzie, Maaka, Lizzie, Lachlan

We want our Year 6s to stand out from the crowd. We want them to stand up when they are needed to be a leader. Being a leader is all about making a Positive Difference in the lives of others. When just one stands up, others often follow. Year 6s - we encourage you to stand up and be counted when the moment calls for it. Be the one!

Video - A Bugs Life

Here are our final group discussing how they want to be remembered as they leave Frankley School.

Group 3 Videos
Presentation of badges
Kayden, Josh, Georgina Ella A, Ahi, Aidan Aliya,  Bayer, Brayden, Cannon, Cooper, Corbin HK, Zak, Ubai, Pama

Final thank you etcs.

Finish with: Video Unwritten

Kid President

We are very proud of our Year 6 Students


Over the course of this term 10.11 have been learning about Pepeha.

This is our school Pepeha:

Pepeha (Frankley School)
Ko Taranaki te maunga
Ko Waimea te awa
Ko Tokomaru te waka.
Ko Te Atiawa te iwi
Ko Ngati Te Whiti te hapu
Ko Okoare te pa tawhito
Ko Frankley te kura

We would encourage each of you to have a conversation about what a Pepeha is, how it relates to Maori culture, why they are important and about the names that are found in our school Pepeha.

This week our students will be creating a tool that helps others to understand this information.