Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Last Te Wera Camp Notice

Hi Whanau

Just a few reminders before we leave for camp tomorrow.

All children and parents will need to ensure they bring a packed morning tea and lunch. Please ensure you have a drink bottle that can be refilled during camp.

Parents helping with transport ~ thank you

Please, could you be at school before 8.30 if possible. Park along the concrete area between the staffroom and the hall. The transport list will be in the hall. Children may start placing their belongings in your car if they are traveling with you. We will find room for any extra gear in other vehicles/trailers if it will not fit in yours. Ask the child(ren) to put gear into the hall that will not fit.

Be filled with fuel, please travel directly to Te Wera Camp. In the case of a hold up while traveling please contact the school, 06 7536436
We have a form you will need to fill out at school regarding WOF, rego, licenses and seat belts. Brendon will be seeing to this.
Please have ice cream containers in case of car sickness
We will all meet in the hall before traveling out to Te Wera soon after 9.00 am.


Please ensure any medicines your child brings is in a named container with clear instructions. This is to be given to the teachers.

Contact on camp

There is very little cell phone coverage on camp. The camp managers do have a phone but do ask that this only be used if it is very urgent ~ thanks 06-762 3859

Visiting: You are welcome to visit, please bring your own food if you pop out for a visit and let the teachers know once you have arrived.

It would be great if we could have all campers to school before 8.30 am. We will be back at school on Friday the 17th around 2.30 pm. Children will be released from the hall. It;’s important they check in with a teacher before going home with parents.

Thanks and don’t hesitate to contact one of us if you have any queries.

merryl@frankley.school.nz, brendon@frankley.school.nz

Merryl and Brendon

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