Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Te Wera Camp Thank YOU

Hello to all our Whanau

Brendon and I, and the Kahikatea students would like to send you all a big thank you for your help with our Te Wera Camp.

We had great weather, great students, great parent support, great food and very friendly bees!

A special thank you to those who organised our food. This is a huge job and you took the stress and work away. We know you spent quite some time organising this.

To our parents who provided transport, thank you. We appreciate your generosity, Melissa we rang you at the last minute and you so kindly helped out. Thank you.

To our parents who helped out a HUGE thank you. We had so many full time parents and this really is appreciated as we know you had to take time off from work and leave your own family. You make the camp. We know so many little wonderful things happen with camp in your interactions with our students. We don’t always see these but we appreciate them and thank you.

To those of you who supplied extra gear for us, again another big thank you.

Camp Photos
  • We are putting together a folder of all photos to share with families and students. As you will be aware digital citizens do not use photos of others without first gaining permission. If you wish to post any photos on any online site we ask that you first gain permission from the family.

  • If you have photos from camp we would really appreciate it if you could find a way to share them with us. We are happy if you come in and airdrop or share photos straight to our folder (email us for help).

Merryl and Brendon

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