Thursday, 3 August 2017

Kahikatea - update with events coming for our students.

OUR MISSION:frankley vision 2014 v4 small.jpeg
Maintain a challenging learning to learn community that responds to the interests, needs and talents of our learners.

Positive difference, Creative learner, Effective communicator.

Tena koutou katoa

This newsletter outlines three events for our students Week 2 and 3.

Week 3, (Monday 7th, Tuesday 8th, Wednesday 9th and Friday 11th)
AWE ~ Swimming Confidence Programme (For all Kahikatea Students).

This programme is run to develop water confidence, swimming and safety skills. It is provided free to all Year 6 students. We have asked that our Year 5 students also attend with a cost of around $10.00 for each student. Instructors take groups of children through a sequence of activities. The cost for our Year 5 students will be deducted from their Activity Fee. We will contact those of you who have not yet paid this with the full cost. Kahikatea students will be broken into two even groups, 1 group attending with Mrs McA and the other with Mr A.

Technobitz ~ For Year 6 Students only ~ Thursday 10 August ~ 11.15 to 12.45 pm

This is run by Devon Intermediate to give our students a taste of the technology offered at Intermediate.  Devon provides a bus and there is no cost for our students. Mr Anderson will be accompanying this group

LEAD Conference ~ 10 Year 6 Students, CITY WEST CHURCH

We have gained places for ten of our Year 6 students to attend the 2017 LEAD conference on Friday the 4th of August at the City West Church. This conference is offered to students from Year 6 - 9 across the Taranaki region with limited places offered to schools. We would like you to discuss the conference with your child, identifying why they might benefit from this. If you are happy that they apply to attend we would appreciate a short email from your child outlining why they wish to go and how this might benefit them. We require their response by Friday this week. We will speak to them in class about this too. (Please go through this with your child as not all got a chance to talk about this today.)

Mr Ritai will be attending with the students, we also require a parent to help with transport and supervision for the day. Please email if interested.
Please click on this link to learn more about the day.

Chess Tournament

There are 8 students from Year 5/6 who will be attending the Taranaki Region Chess tournament. If your child is in the team you would have been notified by now. This takes place on Friday 11th August, therefore the students in the team will not be going to the final day of the AWE Water Safety programme.

Please do feel free to make contact with either one of us if you require any more information at any stage. Please keep an eye on our blog as further notices will also be published there.

Ngā mihi

Merryl McAllister and Brendon Anderson


Hi all
Please start sending items to school. Each week outlines the sort of items we are after. Thanks


Week One
Monday  31st July
Tuesday 1st Aug
Wednesday 2nd  Aug
Thursday 3rd Aug
Friday 4th Aug

TINNED ITEMS - Spaghetti, Corn, Fish, Pasta Sauce, Beetroot, Beans, Mixed Fruits, Creamed Rice, Puddings - “Anything in a Tin”

Week Two
Monday 7th  Aug
Tuesday 8th  Aug
Wednesday 9th Aug
Thursday 10th   Aug
Friday 11th  Aug

SNACK ITEMS – Mixed fruit, Apricots, Sultanas, Dates, Muesli Bars, Chippies, Peanuts, Crackers, Biscuits - “Anything for a Snack”

Week Three
Monday 14th  Aug
Tuesday 15th Aug
Wednesday 16th  Aug
Thursday 17th Aug
Friday 18th Aug

SWEET MAKING ITEMS–  Sugar, Butter, Icing Sugar, Coconut, Chocolate buttons, Marshmallows, Malt Biscuits, Eskimos, Condensed Milk, Strawberry Nesquik  “Anything for Sweet Making” – These donations go directly to the Sweet Stall team
Week Four
Monday 21st Aug
Tuesday 22nd Aug
Wednesday 23rd Aug
Thursday 24th Aug
Friday 25th Aug

BOTTLES – Sauces, Vinegar, Oil, Pickled Onions, Chutney, Mustard, Soft Drinks, Jams, Peanut Butter, Marmite -  “Anything in a Bottle”
Week Five
Monday 28th Aug
Tuesday 29th Aug
Wednesday 30th Aug
Thursday 31st Aug
Friday 1st Sep

SWEETS   Chocolate bars, Chewy Lollies, Fudge, Mints, Lollies, Marshmallows - “Anything for a Sweet Tooth”
Week Six
Monday 4th Sep
Tuesday 5th Sep
Wednesday 6th Sep
Thursday 7th Sep
Friday 8th Sep

ANYTHING YOU WOULD LIKE TO DONATE TO THE RAFFLE  - NOTHING scented e.g toiletries please as these taint the baskets
Week Seven
Monday 11th Sep
Tuesday 12th Sep
Wednesday 13th Sep
Thursday 14th Sep
Friday 15th Sep

PACKET ITEMS – Cereals, Chippies, Crackers, Coffee, Drinks, Soups, Tea, Biscuits, Pasta, Dried Fruit, Toilet Paper, -  “Anything in a Packet”

Please remember to check the expiry dates are after November 2017 otherwise we cannot use your donation.


What is our raffle all about? Every year Frankley School runs a grocery raffle for the gala which last year raised nearly $5000 for our terrific school.  For us to achieve this amount of money we need donations of groceries and lots of help to sell tickets from parents, grandparents and whanau in the school community.  The Carnival date is set for Sunday the 12th November 2017mark it in your calendar now if you havent already!   It may seem a long way off but preparation for our fantastic grocery raffle (quoted as the best in town) is now underway.

What can you win? Our Prize pool consists of 15 beautiful baskets of groceries which will all have been donated by the children following the Donation Roster overleaf.  We need a variety of groceries, to make the baskets look delectable!  We are not able to use expired goods in the raffle so please check carefully that they will not expire prior to 12th November 2017.  The first prize also receives a beautiful iced Christmas cake.   
Just for our kids we also run a class competition.  Grocery boxes will be available in each classroom and a running tally for each class is kept.   The class with the highest number of items collected wins a Milo, Movie and Munchiedate in Term 4.  There will be one for each syndicate Junior and Senior.  We will also have 10 golden ticket prizes too!  For each full book sold, complete the golden ticket with your child’s name and they will go into a draw to win one of 10 student prizes which will be drawn at assembly before the carnival!

How do we sell raffle tickets?  As per last year, we will be sending a book of 10 raffle tickets home with each child to sell to friends, family and neighbours in our community. Tickets are $2 each and will be sent home next term for a period of 2 weeks.
We also need awesome volunteers to sell tickets in 2 hour timeslots at Countdown Spotswood on selected days in the 3 weeks before the Carnival.

If you are able to help with this superb fundraiser please contact Karrie Crowe via or via my mobile: 0273661918