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Te Wera Camp Notice ~ 7.03.17

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Tuesday  7 March 2017
Dear Parents and Whanau
It is only 1 week before our Year 5/6 students go on camp to Te Wera. EXCITING! Please read this carefully and contact us for any further clarification if needed.
Transport lists for our class are attached. This is draft and may need to change  - the final copy will be left with Robyn in the school office – changes may need to be made for traveling home.

Gear required by families is also attached. Please email if any details are incorrect. We now know Te Wera have new life jackets so do not require any child sized life jackets. We would appreciate a few adult sized ones however. Please email if you are able to help out.
Parent helpers
Thank you to all who have offered to help full time on camp. We have 15 adults coming with us and 55 students.

Day 1 food
Both students and parents need to bring a hearty morning tea, lunch and an extra snack or two. Ensure you also bring a good drink bottle preferably filled with water. (Remember on camp a refillable drink bottle is required). We also ask that all students bring a container of home baking to share. If your child has special dietary requirements please label this so we keep it aside for them.
All medication that is to be taken on camp must be in a named container with directions clearly written. This needs to be given to one of the teachers. Students who require asthma inhalers must have them with them at all times and ensure they are named.
Visits to camp
We welcome visitors to camp. Please ensure you bring your own meal should you be at camp over a mealtime. You are welcome to join your child in their activities and have a look around the camp.

If parents who are staying on camp have a pocketknife please could you bring them. A good torch is recommended for all.
Te Wera Valley Lodge
Phone 06 762 3859 – please only ring for very important messages as this is the camp manager's phone.
Next Wednesday
We hope to make an early start at camp with our activities and would like all children to be at school by 8.15 on the day leaving for camp - it does take some time to pack and get organised before leaving.
Camp fees
Please send $115  per child  to school if you have not done this. Thanks (There is no charge for our full time parents staying).
Please don’t hesitate to contact us if we can help with any further queries.
Looking forward to next week
Merryl and Brendon

Information for Parents on camp
Teachers rely on parents/caregivers being available to provide support, transport and supervision. We really appreciate that parents/caregivers make considerable sacrifices to be available to help with school activities by taking time off work or time away from their businesses and families.
While our students are unpacking within their cabins there will be a brief parent meeting in the dining room with the class teachers.
Health/Medical Issues
Thank you for filling out the permission form for Police Vetting and medical form.
Please do let the teachers know if there is anything else you have not hold us or if you become unwell on camp.
All vehicles transporting children must be currently warranted and registered with drivers holding a current full driver’s license. We ask parents to have a full tank of petrol before arriving at school on the morning we leave. Parents are asked to take a direct route to camp. Should a vehicle breakdown or other problems arise, we ask that the driver contact the school office who will then contact the teachers or the camp.
We encourage drivers to have a few ice-cream containers in their vehicle in the case of car sickness from their passengers.
We will be asking all drivers to sign a form stating their car has a current WOF, Rego and seatbelts, and that drivers have a current full license on before we leave.

Alcohol on Camp
Our Board of Trustees have included NO alcohol or non-prescriptive drugs at EOTC events in the policy as this impairs a person's ability to provide a high level of supervision and to respond to an emergency.  Our main priority is the safety of the children at all times.
We encourage parents to bring their own alcohol free beverage to enjoy with the parents and teachers in the dining room once the children are settled for the night. Nibbles are welcome. This is a great time to get to know each other better, to reflect on the days’ events and to clarify the next day’s activities.
Supervision of Students
We encourage parents to enjoy some time with their own child on camp and to also arrange times where they are not with their child. Please ensure you are not alone with other children while on camp. Any concerns around behaviour or other matters should be directed to the teachers.
Any medication that needs to be administered must be given and recorded in the medical register by the teacher or the allocated parent responsible for this. (This includes any car sick medication and can only be given with parental consent).
Supervision of Activities
We ask that you facilitate the learning at the activities. Allow thinking time and encourage the children to problem solve and work as a team. Hints from you can be given to help decision making. We encourage you to allow the children to do as much as possible themselves with only intervention from you as needed and to ensure safety for all group members.

AED: Automatic External Defibrillator
We are working on hiring an AED for the time we are at Te Wera. Instructions on use will be outlined at camp.
Jobs etc
While there are many jobs to be done around camp we have not made a fixed duty roster as at times children are away from the campsite. We will be asking for adults to oversee such jobs as cleaning toilets and showers, rubbish, dishes, sweeping, food preparation, table clearing etc. Once again we will be encouraging all children to help with these jobs and ask that you include available students in all jobs that you help out with. Students will be encouraged to track the jobs that they help out with. A parent roster will be formed with parents also asked to help out where they also see the need.
Once again we would like to thank you for making yourself available to help with supervision on our class camps. Camps could not happen without the great community support we get at Frankley School.

Thank you.
Gear obtained: Flax ?? can you email me again if this was you?
Bamboo, 30 pieces approx 1 metre each - Michelle Read       


Hi everyone

Please could you check the number of students we have put by your name. We have assumed this includes your child. Please let us know if is is incorrect - please make sure the correct number of diagonal seatbelts is the same as the number of students you have indicated.

Can you also let us now if you are able to bring a trailer. This would be helpful as you can imagine there will be a lot of luggage!! We would suggest a tarp and tie-downs in case of rain. Please email us to let us know, thanks.

As you can see we nearly have enough transport for all our students with our full time parents. We have also added in a few extra parents who volunteered their help to ensure all students can travel comfortably with room for luggage. Please contact us if you still wish for us to include you or you do not want to be included. Thanks

Transport Out
Transport IN
Jo Krutz

Kelvin Giddy
Toby Lecher
Sharna Markam
Michelle Read
Campbell Third
Michelle Erb
Phillipa Goodeve
Dave Fox
Chris Scott
Anita Scrivener
Carol Watson
Mel Smithson
Bruce Hall
Melissa Beasley
Troy Wano
Extra Mumby
Extra Scott ( Luca)

Please find a gear list for parents and students as you start to pack for camp   

Te Wera Camp Personal Equipment Checklist
Sleeping bag

Towels 2-3

Camera (optional)

Extra blanket



Toilet bag

Daypack (school bag)

Black rubbish bag/shopping bag for dirty clothes /
Supermarket bags


Board game




Warm tops (Poly Props etc...)


Book to read



Shorts/long pants


Icecream container of baking to share for morning/afternoon teas


Lip balm

Medication - in a named container with clear instructions


Insect repellent


Togs and/or wetsuit/goggles

Named tea towel

Lunch, morning tea and drink for the first day. (please ensure the drink bottle can be reused)


Sunscreen (if you need your own)


4 - 6 pegs to hang the wet togs etc

Ipods, music players (with parent permission)


Jandals/crocs/gumboots (around camp shoes)

Please add anything we have forgotten!! Let us know if it is something important!!

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