Friday, 3 March 2017

Year 6 Whakangahau follow up

Today we discussed the Year 6 Whakangahau with our Year 6's and gathered thoughts about what happened yesterday. You can find student's reflection and the video showed at the assembly on each student's individual blog - they are worth a look and very cool!

Here are a few samples:

Alison says:
"Tu Kaha, stand tall. When you are feeling like a small person, always falling over, don't stay down! Stand tall, ready for the next challenge. Lead people towards success, and don't be afraid of failure, because failure is on the road to success. Failure is the stairs, cheating is the lift. They both lead to success, but cheating is faster, and failure is better for you."

Cody says:
"Tu Kaha means to me stand tall like the Kahikatea trees and role-modeling for the little ones. Respecting the environment. Treat people like you would like to be treated."

Harrison says:
Hi I’m Harrison yesterday I got my year six badge in our whakangahau( assembly)File_000.jpeg Tu Kaha(stand tall) means to me that I’m a leader so I need to help others and stand proud and lead in my learning.I think the whakangahau was about coming together to celebrate getting our badges.Wearing my badge means to me that me and all the other year six have been picked to be a leader in lots of different ways, like on the sports field or in the classroom.  

Jasmine says
"What does Tu Kaha mean to me? It felt like I have to look after everyone in the whole school. To step up and stand up for others e.g If someone is gets bullied I go up to them and say STOP bullying them. What does wearing that badge mean to you now? It means that I am responsible to wear it and I remember to stand tall. To be a role model for everyone and to be strong when times get hard."

Please do check out the individual blogs...and maybe even leave a comment...

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