Monday, 12 December 2016

Best Thing About school: Mia T

Best Thing About school:
  1. What my favorite things about Frankley is  making our own choices
Because my old school we all had to do the same  thing, it was sooooooo boring . But Know at my new school  we can choose independently .

2) I love reading and writing and I get to do those things when I want to and if i don’t know anything about it  anything we run a workshop .workshops are very helpful. Like for math I had know idea what or how  to learn it but  a few workshops  it would fix everything.
2)On the 3rd of december 2016 we had a funday friday it was fun helping year sixes in the activities. my favourite  was the crokey.  I can't  wait  until the next funday friday and i will be a year 6.


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