Monday, 12 December 2016

Sarah's favourite part of this year.

My favourite part of this year has probably got to be camp I think that camp was my favourite part of the year because we got 3 days of doing hard tasks like rock climbing , going on ropes tree to tree using clamps to hook us onto the ropes, picking up rubbish  and swimming .

And it was good  that the teachers put us into tents so we might  not be with our friends . And it worked out pretty well in the tent was in was me , Fern and Jasmine . We were all pretty good Friends .

With going from floor to rope on the trees at the end it was getting harder and harder to clamp on the the next ropes but I got to the end of it.

When we were doing the rock climbing wall my aim was to get to the top but in my two turns I couldn’t get up but you might not get it write the first or the second time but there is always another chance.

And this one my favourite's swimming over at Topec they have a stream that we swam in it was so fun they taught us lots about what to do when you fall into a river of stream and it's going really fast how to get out of it and how to stay safe in a river.

And I can’t wait for next years camp.

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