Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Best thing about Frankley school this year

Ethan L
Frankley school is an amazing school, it has great teachers, can identify kids talents and work on’s. We’re all friends here at frankley school, no one get’s left behind.

One of the best things at Frankley is collaborative learning, we get to choose what tasks we do in our learning, get to choose where we sit every time and classes join together e.g 10.11, 67, te kakano (rm 1 & 2).
Another great thing about Frankley is the teachers. They are extremely nice and try and help you the best they can.

I love that we get to control our learning because when everyone does the same thing, it’s easy for some people but hard for others. We can choose the right level of learning for us.
I never doubted it for a second

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