Saturday, 21 May 2016

Student Led Conferences

Hi everyone

Kaisei sharing his learning with his Mum.

A HUGE thank you to those of you who made the time to come to your child's conference led by your child.

We were impressed with many of our students as they worked to explain and help you understand their learning in our Hub.

For some students, it was harder for them to articulate the learning goals they have and to explain their learning. We appreciate your careful questioning to support their thinking.

Student Led Conferences support your child in developing Learner Dispositions. We believe the more confidently they can articulate their learning and explain this to someone else indicates their engagement and understanding of what they are learning and why. It also puts he accountability on the learner and this is important as we strive to help our students be in charge of their learning with our support.

We invite you all to make another time with your child for another conference this term. It can be during the day and can be quite informal.

We also strongly encourage you to keep the Learning Conversations going at home with your child.
- ask about their goals or what they are working on at the moment in a particular area
- ask them to show you their spelling or the Maths they are doing. get them to explain and show you an example
- expect and encourage them to know their basic fact/knowledge goal, help/encourage them to work on this

Work with your child to make a "Positive Difference".

If you could not make these student-led conferences we encourage you to arrange a time and come in.

This is the document we had available before Student Led Conferences. We encourage you to read this and continue with some of these points at home.

Click on this book to increase size.

We also have shared this document to help encourage the Learning Conversations at home.

Click here to read

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