Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Year 6 Children Young Leader's Trip to Palmerston North 15 May

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Please note: ( Sorry we may have missed this out in the earlier newsletter.)

Our suggestion is that students have a light snack on awakening if needed and bring a packed breakfast with them (Up and Go, muesli bars etc).

For the day, students will need a daypack with snacks for morning tea, afternoon tea and lunch including a water bottle. They will need to ensure they are in tidy clothes, covered in footwear and have something warm to put on should it get cold.

Please could all Year 6 students wear their Leadership Badge.

Students are able to purchase a special pin to wear as a young leader. ($5.00) We strongly recommend students buy the pin. We would like to ask no more than ten dollars is included for any extra items available for purchase.

We will be stopping for dinner at Hawera McDonalds on the way back to New Plymouth. Students will be given their dinner choice at school and this will be preordered for us. The school is covering the cost of this meal.

We will be taking our school health information. Please notify us of any medical information or needs that may be different from what would currently be on record, or anything you wish to draw specific attention to.

Earlier Newsletter

Wednesday 12 April, 2017
Dear Whanau
Young Leaders Conference Monday 15 May 2017
Thank you for returning your permission slips for your child to attend the Young Leader’s Conference.
Central Energy Trust Arena Monday 15th May 2017 9.30am to 2.30pm
We have all 41 year 6 students attending with Mr Anderson, Mrs McAllister. Mr Scott Hale will also be attending to help with the supervision of our students. We have booked a bus to transport us to and from Palmerston North. To meet the starting time of 9.30am we would need all students at the front gate by 5.00 am! Our aim is to be back at school by 7.30pm. We plan as in other years to have tea in Hawera McDonalds on the way back. 

“The event programme will benefit any student who demonstrates a willingness to develop their leadership skills.” 

You can find links to previous years young leaders days and more information at
The objectives of NYLD are
  • ●  Inspiration
  • ●  Connection
  • ●  Student empowerment
  • ●  Promoting positivity
  • ●  Motivation
  • ●  Education
    The cost per child is $80, this will be reduced to $60 for those children who attended camp, as a camp refund (the tickets are $42.00 each - early bird price) and as mentioned in the earlier newsletter, the cost per child has also been subsidised by money raised through the selling of juices and pizza through term 1 and the continuation of this in term 2. We encourage all our Year 6 students to support Pizza and Juicie sales!
    We ask that money for this event be sent to school before Monday 08 May. If your child is unable to attend the day we are not able to refund the ticket as this is pre purchased and non refundable. 

    Thanking you Merryl and Brendon

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