Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Ideas for Reducing Waste at Frankley School

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  1. There is obviously lots of throughtfulness going on in Kahikatea. We are having trouble with ants in our area when we are trying to put in scraps for the worm farm. They also have been getting into our lunchboxes that are stored on our sink benches as we try to implement some zero waste ideas. There is always some problem to find a solution to........ enjoy your first term Kahikatea learners. I am looking forward to hearing and seeing more of your ideas.

  2. oops - that was meant to say thoughtfulness. I should have checked before I posted:)

  3. reducing waste is important but some wastes like plastics are quite bad -why? some wastes like mouldy bread or fruit are ok because they will break down(=decompose=rot=compost)to humus or soil.what would happen if waste did not break down?
    carole and laurie greenfield in christchurch


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