Friday, 5 August 2016

The Learning Pit

Here are a couple of great posts about the Learning Pit. This week we have been doing some rich tasks in our Maths programme. Rich tasks are open-ended Maths tasks that have more than one answer and more than one way of getting the answer.

 Here's Kayden's: The Learning Pit Today I learnt about the learning pit. It's like starting on one side on a problem and then making it to the other side to succeed. E.g today I had this really hard maths problem and I fell into the pit then I climbed out to succeed and I finally got it.

And Amayah's: The pit and what I've Done In The Rich Tasks Today I was stuck in the pit (l'll tell you what a pit is soon). I got out of it . I was doing fractions and Ava helped me (my friend) she told me the answer and then I figured out why it was that answer and I did. I got the hang of it straight away and then I was helping Ava with a question like Ava helped me. She was wondering what was half of a half, I'll tell you. Example: so Ava was wondering what was half of a half. So you have one half and split it. Ava got lots of different answers, I won't tell you because I can't remember. If you split in half it will be 1 quarter. Right, now I will tell you what The pit is. So if you get stuck you will be in the pit and you've got to find a way to get out of it. You don't dig otherwise you will get deeper, you don't give up and you can ask for help. Keep trying you don't want to be in the pit forever do you? Don't think so. So work it out, don't stop.

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  1. Great to see you reflecting on your learning guys! You have explained these well.


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