Monday, 19 June 2017

After Student Led Conferences ~ Suggestions, carry on with questions.

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It's been a few weeks now since we ran our Student Led Conferences. We were very proud of our students as they shared their achievements, their goals and focus areas with you. If you wee unable to make it that week you are welcome anytime. In fact we welcome you visiting the class to catch up with your child. Please let us know first.
We encourage you to keep talking to your child about their learning. Question them, get them to show you examples and explain what they are learning. If hey can't give you an answer tell them to work on it and ask them again the next day.

Ask them about their knowledge goal for Maths.
Ask them about their basic facts. (Have a plan for learning these at home.)
Ask them about the book they are reading, have ongoing conversations over the time they are reading it.
Ask about their writing, what's the purpose? Who might the audience be? What have they done to make their writing great?

This pamphlet has a few suggestions. 


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